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Bernd Scherer Self Defense Coaching for managers

“Every nine minutes in Europe, someone is the victim of an act of violence in the open street. Three principles apply especially to self-defence for people: The first principle is to assess the potential dangers of places, to avoid them from the beginning in case of doubt or to leave them in a suitable way. The second principle is that it is important not to be a victim. Simple methods help to find a self-confidence that one is not so easily considered as a victim. The vast majority of perpetrators seek victims and not opponents.”

(Source: D. Colemann Management Consultant, I.H.S.D.O., BERND SCHERER TRAINING®)

We live in an interesting, but also permanently challenging world. The street violence in the metropolises of this world is continuously increasing.

Nowadays, frequent travelers can become victims of street violence during a business or private trip. Not everyone – and not everyone – has the time and physical resources to learn a martial art from scratch for years to come.

The effective StreetDefenseSystem with its holistic approach was also developed for less trained people.

Your benefit
You learn to defend yourself against attacks holistically, realistically and effectively with the means at your disposal in case of self-defence.

Target audience
Entrepreneurs, managers and top performers of all kinds.

Proactive self-management
– Successfully implementing personal strengths
– Dealing with oneself in “handicap” situations
– Controlling situational facial expressions, gestures and body language in a meaningful way
– Effectively apply various communication models

Futuring Mindness
– Successfully developing personal strengths
– Multi-sensor technology – reacting with all senses with care

Energizing / Well-being
– Perception of energetic states in exceptional situations
– Personal Meditations – Strategies for an improved handling of fears
– Holistic body perception for better general fitness

Body & Mind Experience Techniques
– LIFE power-circle – Energy exercises to improve mental & physical condition
– Power of Concentration Techniques
– Various self-defense techniques in “handicap” situations

Trainer/coach input, case studies, practical exercises, exercises, etc., with the effective and easy to learn StreetDefenseSystem under realistic everyday conditions

Current open dates
According to individual agreement

Your financial investment
According to desired time frame

Individual coaching or team workshop

Date: by individual arrangement

Meeting places
Monastery Heidberg
At the Hohes Venn-Eifel Nature Park
Bahnhofstraße 4
4700 Eupen, Belgium

Thermae Palace Hotel
An der belgischen Nordseeküste
Koningin Astridlaan 7
8400 Oostende, Belgium

Or any other location of your choice!

Bernd Scherer

Personal Information
Bernd Scherer 1948
Lives in Eupen, Belgium

Studium Generale, Trainee program Sales, Marketing and Management.
Certified trainer, consultant and coach (a.o. BDVT/IHSDO), Dipl. Trainer for Nonviolent Communication (IHSDO/CVA), a Master NLP (INtem/CVA). Dipl. Do In, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Self Defense (10th Master degree), Meditations, Bioenergetics, Business Fitness, ChiWalking, ChiRunning, Street Yoga, Street Workout, disabled, Seniors-and back health-trainer (IHSDO/CVA).
Personal advisor for people from a wide range of sectors – including economic, sports, politics, the media, NGOs and in socially sensitive situations.

Work experience
Over 50 years of sales, marketing and management experience, including all the classic stations of a large company: as a sales trainer, an area sales manager, a national sales manager and as a director of the key account sector in the world’s largest cosmetic enterprise. Last position held: Executive President Sales & Marketing in an international corporate network in Luxembourg.
For more than 20 years he was engaged as a lecturer at the Academy for Business Executives, Bad Harzburg / Überlingen Lake Constance.
Former Ultraathlet (100 km Biel / Bienne, Dillingen, Hamm, Unna, etc.), author, co-author and lecturer of international sales, marketing and stress management seminars.
Head of the BERND SCHERER TRAINING® since 1997.


Bernd Scherer Gutschein
Bernd Scherer (on the photo extreme left)
The place where it all started: My Athletic Club AC 04 (boxing, judo, karate, wrestling, weightlifting and running) – youth champion 1965.
Yes .., i coped with many challenges in these over 50 years, my hair
has become less and a number of wrinkles have been added, but the former
„Competition weight“ of 78 kg has remained ….
(Bernd Scherer far left on the photo)

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Self Defense Coaching

Bernd Scherer Gutschein

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